Welcome to the research website of Dr. Stephen I. Tucker and the Embodied Mathematics Education Research Group (EMERG) at the University of Louisville.

EMERG focuses on embodied mathematics, especially as young children develop it while using digital technology. We actively collaborate with community, faculty, and student partners as we investigate in-progress learning and learning outcomes in school and lab settings. Dr. Tucker specializes in qualitative methods involving fine-grained analysis of video data, and EMERG projects apply qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Our work is grounded in theory, linked to literature, and relevant to practice. Dissemination efforts reach scholarly and practitioner audiences, including via publications, presentations, and professional development. We design scalable projects that compete for funding yet can still make a positive difference for children and inform research and practice if unfunded. EMERG also emphasizes mentorship, paying special attention to supporting members’ development in their fields. Welcome to our website; we hope you’ll reach out and join us!

Interested in a quick peek into what happens during our research? Check out this video clip of a child using an app during one of our studies. We post this to help parents and teachers picture what children might do as participants in our research, as well as to spark conversations with anyone who wants to share perspectives on this and other relevant research.

Research Video Clip

Contact Information:
Stephen I. Tucker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Department of Early and Elementary Childhood Education
College of Education and Human Development
University of Louisville